Vision & Mission


Revivalists Experiential Arts Lab (REAL) seeks to foster empathy and community, and provide transportative experiences by using theatrical narrative in immersive performance. Our goal is to instill a lifelong investment in live performance for all audiences through the lens of heightened intimacy and engagement. We will traverse the intersection of myth and reality in order to rediscover daily truths of our humanity.


The REAL Collective will incubate new original works and produce Philadelphia premieres using immersive techniques, focusing on empathy, community, and discovery.

Empathy –

  • We will generate connection in a shared space with audiences
  • We will create narrative and physical spaces in which audience can experience understanding, compassion, and community.

Community –

  • We will build a Collective of artists trained and experienced in the creation of immersive works
  • We will cultivate dynamic, site-specific work through reviving the spirit of Philadelphia’s culturally, historically, and architecturally significant environments


  • We will employ a full range of themes and styles and experiment with innovative rehearsal and staging processes.
  • We will create new environments that allow both artist and audience a greater level of agency than found in traditional theatrical performance
  • We will create entire worlds and new realities for audiences to explore, and to always remember that no world is complete without the people who inhabit it.