The Marvelous Portal of Oz

A Statement from REAL Immersive:
After careful consideration, and given public health concerns, we at REAL Immersive have decided to postpone our upcoming production, The Marvelous Portal of Oz, until further notice. We appreciate everyone’s interest and support, and we are grateful to Glen Foerd Mansion on the Delaware for their flexibility. We are looking at dates for rescheduled performances and keeping a close eye on the ongoing developments of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We will publicize updates and new performance dates as they become available. Thank you for your understanding.

Wishing everyone health and safety,
Ben, Madison, Mitchell, and Sam

A historic mansion on a river, a secret conclave, and a mission: to close the portal. Through decoding a series of mysterious messages and careful research, Sociologist Rebecca Elton has identified an access point between Philadelphia and the Land of Oz. She will need your help to stop a hidden threat out of Oz from taking over our world. REAL Immersive‚Äôs The Marvelous Portal of Oz is a fully immersive and interactive adventure. General Jinjur, The Scarecrow, and the Tin Woodman will lead 21 adventurous players through a series of puzzles and tasks as they explore the unique spaces of Glen Foerd on the Delaware. Over the course of this multi-sensory experience, the audience will traverse both the narrative and physical space as they work with the inhabitants of Oz to discover the truth and make a critical choice that could save us all. 

Only 3 Performances. Limit of 21 Players per performance.

Tags: #immersivetheatre, #interactive, #ContactAdvisory, #Game, #MobilityAdvisory*

Contact Level: Light (Business/Acquaintance)

Age recommendation is 13+

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Glen Foerd on the Delaware

*Our venue is not accessible. The performance will involve moving from room to room, climbing/descending stairs, and periods of standing or sitting on floors.